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About i-bin

Frequently  asked questions

i-bin is a modern, touchless feminine hygiene disposal solution designed to promote cleanliness and hygiene in restroom facilities.

i-bin uses touchless technology to seal away sanitary products and odors airtight, providing a fresh and hygienic restroom experience.

Yes, i-bin is straightforward to install. It can be affixed securely with either screws or provided sticky tape.

Unlike traditional containers, i-bin is touchless, meaning users don't need to physically touch it, reducing the spread of bacteria. It also employs 100% biodegradable materials, making it more eco-friendly.

It is advised to empty the i-bin every washroom cleaning cycle. i-bin's smart design includes real-time monitoring, ensuring that it's emptied efficiently.

When there are only two bags remaining, a notification light will start flashing. When it reaches 10 bags, the light will turn red.

i-bin is considered full when it has accumulated 10-12 packages, depending on their size.

Diapers and incontenance material can only be disposed of in the XL version of i-bin, which is scheduled to launch in May 2024.

Yes, i-bin is designed to accept colostomy bags.

The maximum weight for items placed in the foil is 300 grams.

The foil dissolves above 40 degrees Celsius at 90% humidity. However, when the bin is emptied daily, there should be no lingering smell issue.

It takes approximately 8-10 seconds for the foil to close securely.

The bags are made from corn and cellulose, making them eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The foil used in i-bin is TÜV HOME certified and complies with UNI EN 13432:2002 standards. This certification tests for chemical components, decomposition, compostability, and ecotoxicity. Using this biodegradable foil reduces your CO2 footprint, decreases dependence on petroleum, and utilizes a renewable material. For more information visit the TÜV website

No, i-bin simplifies waste disposal by seamlessly integrating its waste bags into Europe's and UK’s regular black bin waste stream, eliminating the need for special processing.

Yes, i-bin is committed to sustainability. It mostly uses renewable and biodegradable materials, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions and minimizing reliance on petroleum.

i-bin is made from ABS plastic and treated with Microban, helping to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Microban technology will remain present and active for the expected lifetime of the i-bin.

The Microban technology utilised in the i-bin is notified with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) in Europe and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US. Microban technology is used and trusted by renowned brands, manufacturers and product innovators in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Microban technology has been used safely for many years and continues to provide the benefits of material protection from spoilage, malodour, and premature degradation for thousands of products worldwide. Risk assessments by independent scientists, scientific bodies, and governmental agencies (including EPA, FDA, and regulatory authorities in Europe and Canada) have consistently reconfirmed the safety of Microban additives at the levels approved for use in consumer, commercial, and healthcare products. The Microban technology utilised in the i-bin is engineered directly into the material, meaning it will not leach out of the surface.

Yes, Microban technology works on surfaces exposed to moisture and humidity. In fact, moisture and humidity often provide the perfect environment for microbes to thrive, meaning built-in Microban protection becomes an important feature for surfaces exposed to such conditions.

ISO 22196 laboratory testing has shown that Microban technology actively inhibits bacterial growth on the i-bin, making it up to 99.99% cleaner than an untreated product.

I-bin Pro does incorporate digital technology internally. It utilizes advanced sensors and a digital control system to detect waste deposition, manage foil sealing, and optimize its operation. This integration of analog and digital elements ensures that users can have a comprehensive overview of the bin's status while benefiting from the efficiency of digital waste management processes.

i-bin basic does not work with i-link. It operates as a standalone unit. However, i-bin features analog indicator lights on its exterior, which provide a quick visual representation of its status. These lights indicate the current battery level, foil level, and whether the bin is empty. This analog feature allows for easy monitoring without the need for digital interfaces.

The Lora router range can cover up to 3 floors in a building or an open space of approximately 700 square meters.

The Lora router needs to be purchased separately.

i-bin is designed for durability, and its refill packs are easily replaceable, ensuring a long lifespan of approximately 5-10 years.

While i-bin is not flame-retardant, if a cigarette falls into it, it will melt the plastic and burn through but will not cause a larger fire.

The three signs on the bin indicate the status of the battery, the foil level, and whether the bin is empty or full.

The bin should be mounted a minimum of 18 centimetres from the floor to allow space for the i-mop to clean underneath it. This is indicated on the template that comes with the i-bin.

No, i-scent is available in only one scent option.

i-scent should be replaced every 3 months to maintain a fresh and pleasant environment.

Customization of i-bin is available for orders of 100 or more units. You can choose the colour you prefer, with the exception of silver and gold.

No. While i-bin's Microban® antimicrobial product protection guarantees hygiene and cleanliness, it's important to remember that wrapping the bin will compromise its effectiveness. To enjoy the full benefits of Microban, avoid wrapping your i-bin.

The battery on regular use lasts for around 2 months.

It then needs 5 hours of charging to be fully charged.

The battery will last around 750 loading cycles. Then it needs to be recycled and replaced. 750 loading cycles is approximately 125 years. So, it will last a lifetime.

Visit this link to watch video tutorials. Learn how to install, use and maintain i-bin.

You can purchase i-bin through i-giene's partners. For a comprehensive list of all partners, please click here.

When the IR sensor is blocked the sealing mechanism won't function.

Placing your hand in between the sealing mechanism after the i-bin started the sealing proces but didn't close yet (won't stop the sealing procedure because it already started), won't heat the sealing bar because the sealing mechanism can't close. It will open again and create a longer bag and restart the sealing procedure.

Placing your hand in the i-bin after the sealing procedure is finished could be harmful, the sealing mechanism of the i-bin hygiene15 can get very hot. Avoid touching it.

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