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Using the i-bin

Frequently  asked questions

It is advised to empty the i-bin every washroom cleaning cycle. i-bin's smart design includes real-time monitoring, ensuring that it's emptied efficiently.

When there are only two bags remaining, a notification light will start flashing. When it reaches 10 bags, the light will turn red.

i-bin is considered full when it has accumulated 10-12 packages, depending on their size.

Diapers and incontenance material can only be disposed of in the XL version of i-bin, which is scheduled to launch in May 2024.

Yes, i-bin is designed to accept colostomy bags.

The maximum weight for items placed in the foil is 300 grams.

The foil dissolves above 40 degrees Celsius at 90% humidity. However, when the bin is emptied daily, there should be no lingering smell issue.

It takes approximately 8-10 seconds for the foil to close securely.

No, i-bin simplifies waste disposal by seamlessly integrating its waste bags into Europe's and UK’s regular black bin waste stream, eliminating the need for special processing.

While i-bin is not flame-retardant, if a cigarette falls into it, it will melt the plastic and burn through but will not cause a larger fire.

The three signs on the bin indicate the status of the battery, the foil level, and whether the bin is empty or full.

When the IR sensor is blocked the sealing mechanism won't function.

Placing your hand in between the sealing mechanism after the i-bin started the sealing proces but didn't close yet (won't stop the sealing procedure because it already started), won't heat the sealing bar because the sealing mechanism can't close. It will open again and create a longer bag and restart the sealing procedure.

Placing your hand in the i-bin after the sealing procedure is finished could be harmful, the sealing mechanism of the i-bin hygiene15 can get very hot. Avoid touching it.

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