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I-bin PRO

Frequently  asked questions

I-bin Pro does incorporate digital technology internally. It utilizes advanced sensors and a digital control system to detect waste deposition, manage foil sealing, and optimize its operation. This integration of analog and digital elements ensures that users can have a comprehensive overview of the bin's status while benefiting from the efficiency of digital waste management processes.

i-bin basic does not work with i-link. It operates as a standalone unit. However, i-bin features analog indicator lights on its exterior, which provide a quick visual representation of its status. These lights indicate the current battery level, foil level, and whether the bin is empty. This analog feature allows for easy monitoring without the need for digital interfaces.

The Lora router range can cover up to 3 floors in a building or an open space of approximately 700 square meters.

The Lora router needs to be purchased separately.

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