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About i-bin

Frequently  asked questions

i-bin is a modern, touchless feminine hygiene disposal solution designed to promote cleanliness and hygiene in restroom facilities.

i-bin uses touchless technology to seal away sanitary products and odors airtight, providing a fresh and hygienic restroom experience.

Unlike traditional containers, i-bin is touchless, meaning users don't need to physically touch it, reducing the spread of bacteria. It also employs 100% biodegradable materials, making it more eco-friendly.

Yes, i-bin is committed to sustainability. It mostly uses renewable and biodegradable materials, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions and minimizing reliance on petroleum.

i-bin is designed for durability, and its refill packs are easily replaceable, ensuring a long lifespan of approximately 5-10 years.

Customization of i-bin is available for orders of 100 or more units. You can choose the colour you prefer, with the exception of silver and gold.

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